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Shuma Technologies is a safe and reliable, on-demand taxi app that is available to you anytime, anywhere.Our company runs on the philosophy of using the new age technologies to make life easier and more comfortable. We aim to eliminate the dichotomy between advanced digital solutions and socio-economic differences, starting with one app called ShumaDrive.

Adding Convenience to Your Life and Safety to Your Rides Is Our Business

Our drivers undergo screening and are chosen based on their qualifications, local area expertise, and compliance with safety standards.

Since all our drivers are professionally trained, experienced, and insured, every passenger feels secure when riding in the backseat.

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Our company

Our Mission

Our goal is straightforward, to arm and empower people with resources that promote complete ownership and control.

Our Vision

Create a digital ecosystem that provides fair social and economic benefits to all participants.

Our Goal

To become the top companies in South Africa that offer on-demand technology with an emphasis on integrating the disadvantaged into the country's mainstream economy.

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Shuma Technologies offers

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